The Alexander Technique

Katharine Green

What is the Alexander Technique?

A desire to improve my posture was one of the influential factors that led me to Nordic Walking. I have discovered having good posture is a life long project that has numerous positive effects on your health, balance and wellbeing.

This January I discovered one of our new recruits, Alison Hasselder was an Alexander Technique teacher. Having been aware that The Alexander Technique was good for your posture, but knowing very little about it, I was keen to find out more, so after chatting to Alison I signed up to a course of sessions. We have invited Alison to kindly write an explanation about The Alexander Technique and how it links in with Nordic Walking:

'The Alexander Technique can provide all kinds of health benefits from improving posture to decreasing back and neck ache. It is a form of re-education with the help of the hands of a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. The teacher helps to re-educate the pupil by guiding them in every day activities that enables them to learn to release tight muscles, decrease stress and improve their balance. Now I hear some of you say, improving posture and balance equally sounds like some of the skills you have learnt with Nordic walking and this is true. However, with the Alexander Technique you are also learning a new attitude to life. Thus learning not to “end gain” but instead think about the means where by. The process of the activity you are trying to perform. This can be from typing on a computer to Nordic walking.

Normally the Alexander Technique is taught on a one to one basis. In the lesson the teachers’ hands will guide you to perform those activities that are part of your life but with less effort and strain. Re discovering your natural posture. Sadly we can all suffer from poor posture and the ageing process can lead to us to be hunched over. However, this is not inevitable.

Having now been Nordic Walking for nearly five months much of what Katherine has said is what I would say to my clients. “Look up” and “not at the ground.” See tree tops and not cigarette butts on the ground. Think about what is behind you so you are aware of the space you are in. Think tall and don’t slouch. However, the Alexander Technique will give you other insights into your life that you might not expect. For example when you are cleaning your teeth do you tense your jaw?'

If you are interested in learning more about the Alexander technique either come and have a private lesson or attend an introductory workshop. More information can also be found at:

Or to get in touch with Alison directly, please contact Alison Hasselder on either; 07974650343 or

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