Book Review: Ramble On by Sinclair McKay

Mary Tweed
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Ramble On by Sinclair McKay is the perfect book to read during lockdown for the avid walker and armchair explorer. He lyrically describes the most beautiful parts of the British Isles - and sometimes the not so beautiful - whilst interweaving literature and the history of walking for leisure into his narrative.  

The right to walk across many footpaths has been a hard won battle, fought by left wing workers wanting access to the countryside on their precious days off, and supported by MPs in the House of Commons passing laws to allow such access.  Out of this movement grew the protections of vast tracts of unspoilt land that we now know as the National Parks and also the development of long distance trails, such as the Pennine Way and Coast to Coast Walk, which we now take for granted.

McKay considers the conflict between townies and country dwellers and discusses the economic benefits to rural economies diversifying away from less lucrative traditional sources of incomes.

If you like the idea of being transported to a variety of locations around the nation from the luxury of your armchair, whilst pondering the significance of walking then this is a great opportunity to read this book and seek inspiration for when lockdown is lifted.

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