Dynamic Ageing Book Review

Mary Tweed
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Dynamic Ageing by Katy Bowman Muscular weakness is “not a result of ageing so much as a result of decreased movement over a number of years__”, so believes American biomechanist Katy Bowman and her team of four co-authors, all in their seventies, who have written Dynamic Ageing together.

This well laid out and quick to read book explains how our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is leading to many health issues for people as they get older, such as a propensity to fall; stiffness; and reduced mobility. Katy Bowman is a firm believer in incorporating movement into everyday life, in order to maintain range of motion and flexibility. Indeed, she posits that we should all be considering our daily “movement nutrition” in the same way as consider our five-a-day food nutrition.

The book discusses the importance of foot health; correct gait and alignment; staying fit enough to drive; and how to include more movement into your daily routine. Included are many simple, but effective exercises that are with the capability of most people, alongside pictures that demonstrate the correct way - and the wrong way - of putting the exercises into practise.

The four co-authors add anecdotal evidence of how they have benefitted from starting to follow the book’s exercises in their “golden years” and improved their health and well-being in doing so.

As a Nordic Walking Instructor, I shall be studying this book with a fine tooth comb, as it endorses the importance of whole-body mobility, correct posture and of ensuring that muscles are correctly aligned during exercise, in order to improve effectiveness of the movement as well as preventing damage. I shall be incorporating her ideas and some of the exercises into my classes, by substituting a kerb for a half foam roller and trying out the standing stretches.

Unfortunately, this book is not currently stocked by Suffolk libraries; I bought my copy from Amazon. Definitely one for the Christmas list!

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