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Mary Tweed
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We’ve all heard about eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day as a means to ensure good health and a balanced diet, but have you heard about the Five Ways to Wellbeing, which are considered to be just as vital if one wants to maintain good mental health. In 2008, the New Economics Foundation carried out a study to discover what key factors were involved in creating a positive outlook on life and they were able to summarise their findings into five crucial points:

  1. Connect Make time for other people and spend time participating in group activities. Nordic Walking classes are sociable and provide plenty of opportunities for participants to chat to each other, make new acquaintances and catch up with old friends.

  2. Be Active A healthy mind needs a healthy body. The government recommends just 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, which is just over 20 minutes a day of brisk walking. Nordic Walking turns walking into a workout, so you get more bang for your buck!

  3. Keep Learning Learning new skills challenges our brain and ensure that it gets a good exercise too. Adding a pair of poles to walking and learning how to master them is not quite as simple as it sounds and newcomers are always surprised to feel a degree of “brain strain” when learning the first 10 steps of the British Nordic Walking Technique.

  4. Take Notice Be curious about your surroundings and aware of the passing of the seasons. Nordic Walking is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your local environment whilst exercising in the fresh outdoor air. It can be combined with mindfulness for an exercise in living in the moment.

  5. Give Help others and volunteer your time. How about taking part in a sponsored Nordic Walk in order to raise money or awareness about a local cause.

Not only is Nordic Walking a fantastic all over body workout, but it also meets all five requirements to Wellbeing. What more inspiration do you need? Grab a pair of poles, put on some comfortable shoes and get outside and make the most of the Suffolk countryside; the sunny weather and the feeling of wellbeing.

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