Nordic Walking East Anglia’s Covid 19 Health Policy

Mary Tweed


  • To ask clients to stay away for two weeks if they have had any symptoms associated with Covid 19 or if they have come into contact with anyone who has it.
  • To ask clients to inform the instructor if they develop symptoms of Covid 19 within a week of attending a class, so that other participants can be alerted.

Equipment Safety

  • Instructors to carry hand sanitiser in their backpack.
  • To encourage participants to buy their own poles / own straps and use them where possible.
  • For those who do not have their own equipment, ask them to sanitise their hands before using our equipment.  After use, place straps in a separate bag for washing when returning home and wipe down poles with disinfectant / sanitiser.
  • Participants are required to carry their own water bottle, keys etc. The instructor is not able to help carry or store personal items during these current circumstances.

Structure of Class

  • Clients to only attend a lesson if they have confirmation of booking from their instructor, to avoid more than the appropriate number turning up.
  • To maintain 2 metres distancing measures between clients
  • To limit group size in accordance with government guidelines.
  • Try to plan routes that avoid the need to touch gates / styles and avoid narrow paths that prevent social distancing

Handling Payment

  • Request payment to be made by bank transfer. If this is not possible please may the correct amount of money be sealed in an envelope with the participants name and date of walk.
  • NB Prices will be reviewed in September if groups numbers remain limited.

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