In or Out - the big debate

Mary Tweed
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In or out? The debate rumbles on. There are big decisions to be made and it is no longer possible to sit on the fence. A stance has to be taken and a side chosen. Therefore, it is with great concentration that I have read the headlines, listened to the arguments and wrestled with my own consciousness in order to make my own decision on this important issue and so below I set out my stall by comparing the pros and cons of both.

The problem, as I see it, to remaining in, is the open door policy that can lead to crowding and a sense of claustrophobia. I know that for some people this sense of “we’re all in it together” makes them feel secure and safe, whereas being out means one is no longer hemmed in and, indeed, statistics have proved an improvement in wellbeing in the long term. There are numerous rules and regulations that one must follow if you are part of the ‘In’ brigade; many of these rules make no allowance for special circumstances or common sense and quite often lead to a sense of frustration with political correctness gone wrong. Alternatively, choosing out gives one the freedom of taking your own path and opting for an individual course; a course that suits you, allowing you to pursue your own unique agenda. Finally there is the high cost of membership, costing individuals hundreds of wasted pounds each year, which would virtually be non existent if one chooses ‘Out.”

Sorry? You were talking about the EU referendum? Oh, I do apologise, I was arguing the benefits of exercising outdoors rather than inside a gym. On that other small matter I am firmly In.

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