Remote Nordic Walking Class 18 - Speed

Mary Tweed
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There are times when we all need a challenge.  It is a great feeling when you have really pushed your limits and gone beyond your comfort zone.  The surge of endorphins leaves you glowing with energy and positivity for hours after your achievement is accomplished.  One of the most accessible ways to challenge yourself whilst Nordic Walking is to increase speed.


This lesson has been inspired by a walker, who asked me whether she should lengthen her stride or quicken her pace, in order to increase speed.  Firstly, do not consciously lengthen your stride.  Doing so can lead to jarring the lower back and your stride will naturally lengthen when you apply three of the Nordic Walking techniques, namely,

  • Walking with an active foot: pushing off from your toes - and activating the glutes - will lead to speeding up
  • Lean - hinging from the ankles, with your chest over your toes, will ensure that gravity pulls you forward and you will naturally speed up
  • Push - Increasing the intensity with which you push down through your strap and pole will increase the forward propulsion, thus lengthening your stride and adding to your pace.

If you wish to speed up even more, then consider increasing your cadence - a term popular with runners, which is the measurement of the number of steps per minute.  One simple hack to help increase cadence subconsciously is to listen to music through headphones as you walk.  Start off with a couple of steady tracks, while you are warming up, perhaps FiveHundred Miles by the Proclaimers, or Nancy Sinatra - These boots were made for walking. Then switch to something really upbeat, such as Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves.  You will find yourself matching the rhythm and therefore walking faster and raising your heartbeat.


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These workouts have been designed for clients of Nordic Walking East Anglia, who have all been taught the correct Nordic Walking technique by a qualified British Nordic Walking Instructor.  They have also been shown how to perform these exercises in face to face lessons; this film is merely a prompt. Individuals participate in these exercises at their own risk and must ensure they have adequate and non-slip floor space in which to participate and agree that they have no health concerns that prevent them from taking part.  These exercises are designed to be carried out outside, however, if individuals perform the warm-up and cool-down sessions indoors there is a danger of collision with or damage to furniture, light fittings, etc. as well as potential for injury.

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