Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone and Backwards Walking

Mary Tweed
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At the end of January, I was asked to take part in a Live Radio show on Radio Derby to discuss the merits of Backwards Walking.  

The thought of being live on air, was somewhat terrifying, and definitely took me out of my comfort zone, but I am a great believer in stepping out of my comfort zone from time to time as it is such a fantastic teacher.  

Firstly, it teaches me to understand how many of my clients feel when they show up and are trying Nordic Walking for the first time.  For some, it is the first time they have tried a formal exercise class since school, or they may have been put off by a bad experience in a gym and are feeling apprehensive.  I truly believe that putting myself in nerve wracking and new situations, helps me become a better instructor, as I can identify with the fears that some clients hold.  

Secondly, we all learn something from stretching ourselves and it is usually beneficial.  In my case, although I could feel my heart beating with adrenalin, I learnt that not only could I survive a live interview, but I actually enjoyed the thrill of doing something new and totally different.  It was particularly welcome during this third lockdown, with one day melting into the next and the weeks drifting by endlessly.  The interview was a highlight in a dull week and left me buzzing!

Thirdly, my comfort zone has now expanded and become a little big bigger; if I ever face a live interview situation again, I will not be nearly so scared beforehand, as I will be more confident that I can think on the spot and come up with an apt phrase or sentence.  This also means that other challenges that I may have once thought were well beyond the ranges of my comfort zone, are now that bit closer, enabling me to keep pushing forwards.

What challenges do you view as just outside your comfort zone?  I don't expect you to take on an ascent of Everest, which is way beyond most people's comfort zone, but just to take a small step outside your own zone. Are there any challenges that you could say yes to and see if you could expand your own comfort zone?  Go on, surprise yourself!

If you want to listen to the Radio interview, then please click on this link

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