Updated Covid Guidelines - August 2020

Mary Tweed

Nordic Walking East Anglia’s Covid 19 Health Policy and Delivery Plan

August 2020


Further to our original Covid 19 guidelines published on 3rd June, we have updated the rules, based on the government guidelines for organising outdoor sport and physical activity events.


Mary and Katharine will carry a paper copy of the guidelines, in case you want to check details before a class.  All participants must abide by the rules written in this plan.  Please note that the COVID guidelines may change and we also need to be aware of any local issues that might result in different risk mitigations.  We will communicate any changes with you via email or our Mailchimp newsletter.

Please note that we are insured to teach up to 20 people so long as social distancing is maintained and everyone complies by the guidelines.

Before the Class

  • Bookings will be taken via email and the website.

  • Payment in advance via BACS. If this is not possible please may the correct amount of money be sealed in an envelope with the participants name and date of walk.

  • A record of all class bookings (with email and telephone number) will be kept in case request by the NHS Test & Track system)

  • Please use your own poles to reduce risk of transmission of the virus.  If you would like to buy a pair, we can order them from this store for you https://www.nordicwalk.store/collections/nordic-walking-poles

  • If you need to borrow poles, you must book these at least two days in advance so that a pair can be cleaned and stored safely for you.  We will not be bringing a teaching bag of poles to class.  Borrowed poles will be cleaned according to government guidelines. If you are going to borrow poles, please bring hand sanitiser with you. We will hold the poles at the bottom; so you can hold them at the top or middle. 

  • Check that there are no local lockdown implications for your home or the park location. 


On the day of the class

  • Clients to stay away for two weeks if they have had any symptoms associated with Covid 19 or if they have come into contact with anyone who has it.

  • To ask clients to inform the instructor if they develop symptoms of Covid 19 within a week of attending a class, so that other participants can be alerted.

  • Before joining your first Nordic Walking session please email declaring your agreement to this delivery plan and complete the waiver that will be emailed to you.


Meeting in the park

  • Participants must avoid using public transport and only car share with someone from their bubble or who is a member of their household.

  • We will meet in the usual car park. Please ensure that you maintain 2m social distancing (SD) from all other people in the car park (apart from someone from your bubble) before and after the class. 

  • Please bring hand sanitiser with you in case you need it before/after the walk, e.g. when using the park toilet facilities. Participants are required to carry their own water bottle, hand sanitiser, keys etc. The instructor is not able to help carry or store personal items during these current circumstances.

  • If you have booked a pair of poles, please retrieve them following instructions from the instructor.

  • If you normally store possessions in someone else’s vehicle, only you must touch your belongings. Where possible you should carry your possessions with you.

  • Please avoid shaking hands or hugging when greeting other walkers

Structure of Class

  • Clients should only attend a lesson if they have confirmation of booking from their instructor, to avoid more than the appropriate number turning up.


Warming up

  • We will warm up in our usual circle format, maintaining 2m social distancing and avoiding any face to face positioning to reduce the transmission of the virus by aerosol/droplets. 


Nordic Walk

  • While we walk around the park, all participants must maintain 2m SD from each other and members of the public. Depending on the route this means that at some points where a path narrows, we must walk single file to maintain SD. We will not be doing any games or drills that involve working in pairs or facing each other.  We will be walking side by side throughout the route. I will choose the quietest paths I am able to based on previous experience and other park users on the day. 

  • Where possible I will avoid gates or open them for you. If you need to touch a gate or stile, you can sometimes do this using the pole or elbow. If you need to use your hand, we recommend you carry a small container of hand gel with you then wash hands at the earliest opportunity.

  • If you think you might need to bring food or drink, or add/remove layers of clothing please wear a bum bag or rucksack to carry these items. Please avoid sharing phones during the course of a Nordic Walk. 

  • In the event of a minor incident your instructor carries a first aid kit which either they will use to deal with injuries, whilst wearing PPE or will give to the injured person if they can treat themselves. Any waste matter will be placed in a bag for disposal in a suitable bin later.


Cooling down

  • We will do our cool down stretches in the usual circle format, maintaining 2m social distancing.


End of class

  • Participants are encouraged to depart swiftly after the class is ended. 

  • Clients to inform the instructor if they develop symptoms of Covid 19 within a week of attending a class, so that other participants can be alerted.

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