Walking Taller - A Client's Perspective

Mary Tweed

In July, I interviewed Glemsford based Angela Pumo, professional make up artist, teacher and business owner of The White Studio, who has just launched her own eponymous brand of make up. Angela first tried Nordic Walking in May and “caught the bug” immediately. In this interview, she explains why:

What inspired you to take up Nordic Walking? Having spent time working in Scandinavia, I was aware of Nordic Walking and was keen to give it a go, as I like the idea of taking up a form of exercise that I could enjoy outdoors and that worked the whole body without having to go to a gym.

What were your initial goals? I wanted to improve my fitness, tone up and lose weight; but I also wanted to feel that I was doing something that I could really enjoy and therefore would be easy to stick at, rather than quitting a few months down the line.

What benefits have you noticed? Oh my goodness, so many! In the first month I lost 1% of my body fat and since I started, three months ago, I have lost 5 inches around my waist. My periods are much better, my sleep has improved drastically, my skin is much healthier and I feel so much calmer. The amazing thing is that my although my fitness has improved, I don’t feel as if I have had to make much effort to achieve all of these benefits.

What motivates you to keep going? I just love how it makes me feel. The results have been easy to achieve and also it is so satisfying when you have mastered the technique and you know you are doing it right. I feel as if the poles and I become one! I enjoy the fresh air. This is definitely a life long pastime.

Have your goals changed since you started? I now want to be healthier as well as fitter. I make different choices about the food I buy, as it has made me think about what I eat and be more careful about what I put into my body.

You have a very busy life. How do you find the time to fit Nordic Walking into your schedule? I get up early and go out first thing. I have to walk my dog, Winston, anyway, so by adding poles I’m exercising my whole body as well as him - if I’m out walking the dog, I may as well Nordic Walk the dog!

Are there any cross-overs between Nordic Walking and running a beauty business? From the perspective of a business owner, if I commit to a task then I always do it properly without taking shortcuts. That is how I want to be for my customers. It is an ethos that I take into other areas of my life and I have applied that philosophy to Nordic Walking, which is why I have seen such great results so quickly. My business is all about making people look good on the outside so they feel more confident about themselves. Nordic Walking makes you feel good on the inside too. I am proof of that; since I took it up, I am definitely walking taller.

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